Van of Urantia

Personal Testimonials

Van of Urantia's has touched the hearts and changed the lives of countless individuals. Much of this is due to his willingness to say the things most difficult to say to people to help them grow and heal. In a world where so many shine each other on, Van stands apart, knowing that in a higher culture honesty and loving confrontation are key to progress and establishing authentic relationships.

I have never seen any two people who are so beautifully spiritual and fully balanced as Van and Niánn.

~ Charles Nelson

I choose to dedicate my life to being a part of this ministry, to follow the leadership and guidance of Van and Niánn because they are the most selfless, humble souls I know. They have strong, loving characters and are willing to stand up to face enormous challenges. Their faith and hope inspires me. Their light-heartedness, forgiving natures, and compassion comforts me. Their vision excites me and gives me hope.

~ Steven Munro

Van is a dedicated, courageous, and humble servant of God, willing to go the spiritual distance to the end that true liberty and spiritual healing may come to this planet.

~ Jodie Wonson

Van is totally dedicated to serving and creating ways that can bring about global change.

~ Moira Morningstar

I thank God for the sacrifices of Van and Niánn; for their leadership, guidance, and tireless efforts for the good of this planet.

~ Sandy Redman

He is a man of God, a noble man, a dignified knight, and a crusader of truth.

~ Zarath Giannangelo

I know if Van was self-seeking at all, he could not persevere as I have seen him do throughout every trying situation—and there have been many which would have crushed most people in his position. With strength of purpose, poise of spirit, and the heart of service with which he does not waver from, he continues to serve and love to those around him.

~ Orion Niles

Van teaches us to really expect the best from each other and challenges us to uphold a vision. He truly desires for us to succeed, ascend, take flight, dance and sing, and most of all truly love one another by finding God with conviction.

~ Lisa Meyers

I have lived and worked, side by side, day by day, with Van and Niánn Emerson Chase for many years. People ask me why I am so loyal and trusting of them. The answer is simple, they have earned it. They are two of the most beautiful and humble human beings I have ever met.

~ Santeen

Van and Niánn are the most humble and sincere people I have ever met. They have sacrificed everything to change this planet. I am grateful for the wisdom, guidance, and love that I have received from them.

~ Kathy Schippers

I’ve been following the contributions that you have been making, from your time in Northern Arizona and now down in Tubac, Arizona. On a personal level, I have sincere appreciation for the wonderful concrete example of what you all are doing. I wanted to let you know because you touch far more people than come up to you and thank you. A good friend of mine comes to your ecovillage every week for classes and I’ve watched the peace that is coming to her spirit from her interactions with you and your community. Thank you very much for the work you are doing. I know it’s a challenge to do what you’re doing.

~ Jomo, band leader of Spirit Familia from Tucson, Arizona

I wanted to write a brief note of appreciation for the extraordinary experience of last weekend in the presence of your family. I really appreciated the opportunity of meeting you and Niann, and the kindness and graciousness of everyone. Your music and the talent offering it is really wonderful. I saw poetry, and inspiration, and artistic dedication that was inspiring. Art, to use your words, is a "walk in the mystery of our eternity," and I felt infinite resonances of the infinite in its presence.

In addition to your music creation, the theatre presentation and candlelight ceremony was stunning. I wish that Global Change Theatre production could be done in every high school. I have left word that whenever the play is reproduced I want to know, so I can attend and bring others.

You are a rare and exceptional poet in all this, and what you and Niann have created is, to me, a marvel... And, a beginning.

~ Letter to Van from author, SM Nona, after attending the May 2011 Be Aware Festival

I was so impressed with the Celebration of Education and the students' work and performances. It was fantastic! Thanks for inviting the public to this!

~ Jen, attendee of Global Community Communications Schools for Children & Teens annual Celebration of Education Through the Arts in 2010

I noticed something very special in the people of Global Community Communications Alliance. They are a very kind hearted people, and truly authentic and giving. They seem to practice my understandings of Christ in a very real way. I noticed that the people of GCCA somehow truly embrace the spirit in a way that is really "not of this world." I truly feel the spirit around your people, and enjoy the kind heartedness and generosity of your people. I also recognize the industriousness, and hard working nature of your community, and find common ground with my pioneer ancestors.

~ Lilly

BEAUTIFUL! You tell the Truth! Thank You!

~ YouTube comment on a Global Change Teaching for the New Millennium video;
Laura  "nohealthcare62"

I learned more from videos on your channel than in a day spent at the university! Thanks!

~ YouTube comment on Global Change Television channel; “ligonte"

These videos are AWESOME! Great messages and wisdom in the very practical teachings you present. Love seeing all the great activists of the world and clearly Van and Niann Emerson Chase are very very old and wise souls. The world needs to see and hear them!

~ YouTube comment on Global Change Television channel; "AvalonStardust3"

Hello my name is Jesus and I have to say that Van left my mind-stunned with his words of wisdom. I'm now fond of Van, admire his ideas and I concur with many of his theories. Thank you so much and long live Spiritualution.

~ from an email sent to